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Artistic Research

Sound Clouds
(Text from Artistic Research made into art)

Fluffy Clouds
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Symposium Sinn & Präsenz in Improvisation
Lecture-Recital, 14.8.2021, Berlin

6. Symposium am exploratorium berlin Eine Veranstaltung des DENKRAUM IMPROVISATION Keynotes: Christian Grüny: Diagrammatische Improvisation und der Sinn des Heterogenen Nicola L. Hein: Das Paradigma der Präsenz und Modi der Temporalität in den Critical Improvisation Studies Mathias Maschat: Präsenz als improvisationsästhetische Kategorie Weitere Beiträge: Christoph Baumann, Jean Beers, Carl Bergström-Nielsen, Corinna Eikmeier, Reinhard Gagel, Thomas Gerwin, Jin Hyun Kim, Doris Kösterke, Urban Mäder, Mattin, Annemarie Michel, Alex Nowitz, Nina Polaschegg, Ursel Schlicht, Wolfgang Schliemann, Sabine Vogel und Andrew Wass.

Video: Jean Beers lecture begins at 1:13:02

Doctoral research project (2011-2017)
Publication: Creating Ambiguity in Music 

This artistic research explores musical ambiguity, that is created through the contrast of ‘soft sound clouds’ with passages of strong motoric drive, energised by deconstructing musical fragments. Ideas of ‘deconstruction’ and ‘presence versus absence’ inspired me during this adventure. By both accepting and repurposing binary hierarchies in the context of musical memory and embodiment, I hope to expose new aural viewpoints. As a pianist myself, I realise that the physicality of performing and practicing demands my passionate dedication to instrumentalism as a composer, the identification with phenomenological embodied consciousness of sound and an empathetic approach to musical collaborations.

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Video: Premiere performance, Piano Concerto no. 2 by Jean Beers, Eton College Chamber Orchestra, cond. Jack Rozman, soloist J. Beers, Windsor, 2016

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