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  • KEP Praktikum Zeitgenössische Musik – Ensemble Improvisation Experimentell

    • Every Tuesday 17:00-18:00 in the Conducting Room (JOH 1.04.03)

  • Wahlfach – Improvisation Spezial (Advanced)​

    • only 1-2 places available every semester (2-3 hour sessions every 2 weeks)​

  • VT Vertiefende Theorie – Artistic Research in Practice​

    • Live research group experience, supported by scientific literature on Artistic Research methods and theories​

    • Group discussions every 2 weeks for 2 hours

    • individual research (observations) by students

  • KEP Praktikum Zeitgenössische Musik – Composer/Performer Relations (overseeing)​

    • artistic practice ​

Information für Studierende

Sekundarliteratur zu ARTISTIC RESEARCH aus dem internationalen Umfeld:

Coddling the Minotaur: Year One of the Tel Aviv Salon for Artistic Research By Gabriel S Moses and Nitzan Chelouche:

Artistic Research: Eine epistemologische Ästhetik by Anke Haarmann, 2019:


The Pleasure of Research by Henk Slager, 2015:


Journal of Artistic Research:

Institut für künstlerische Forschung:

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