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Concerts in Vienna soon...

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Upcoming concerts with my stundets 

June 1st        muk.podium concert hall "Musik aus China"

11-11:30 Research Panel about Developments in contemporary music in China and Austria with composers Jean Beers, Xiaogang Ye, Jin Ping, Dirk D'Ase, Marius Binder

11:30-13:00 Concert Matinee with music by Xiaogang Ye, Jean Beers, Dirk D'Ase, and improvisations on popular and ancient songs from China.

// Jean Beers: Performance of  Xiaogang Ye's Falling Flowers (solo piano), improvisation trio with Jiaxi Wang (viola), Yuhao Wu (accordion), improvisation duo with Yury Revich (violine, ECHO prize winner). //

June 5th       Steinway Salon Vienna "America beautiful

meets Composer/Performer Relations", the artistic results of an international research exchange between Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna MUK (Jean Beers) & Mason Gross School of Music Rutgers University, USA (Min Kwon)

Johanna Kam – „Lost Distance" von Michelle Kim & „Fantasien“ op. 116  von Brahms

Kosti Deti – „Fantasy“ von Jorge Tabares & Sonate op. 111 von Beethoven

June 7th       Steinway Salon Vienna "Share & Care" Concert of

students by Jean Beers & colleagues, with new compositions, improvisations and film music

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