Sample clip: "Sounds of Berlin", laptop-set, Lichtblick Kino, Berlin, 01/02/19

...travelling with BVG on U6, U9, Bus M29, techno clubbing, multiculturalism...

Complete List of  Compositions

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Premieres, Performances (2016-today)

Turbulent Flow, 2019, duo with dancer Ingo Reulecke ( in 4 sets:

                                              1. movement and improvisation with tam-tam


                                              2. piano works by Luciano Berio, Sergey Prokofiev, Jean Beers with dance improvisations


                                              3. tape piece Deconstruction of texts about dance by Jean Beers with dance improvisations

                                              4. movement and piano improvisations


           Jean Beers, piano, electronics, tam-tam performance - Klangkeller Berlin

           Ingo Reulecke, dance and momvement improvisations 

Sounds of Berlin, 2019, for tape with live electronics: sound collage with voices, ambient sound phenomena (1st Feb. 2019 Berlin) - world premiere

           Jean Beers, live electronics - Lichtblick Kino


Jean in Wonderland, 2018, for live electronics and tape: sound collage with piano, voices, ambient sound phenomena (21st Dec. 2018 Berlin) - world premiere

           Jean Beers, live electronics - Lichtblick Kino 

Ich fühle mich dumpf, ergibt kein Klavier, 2018, for live electronics, e-piano and tape: sound collage with voice (5th Oct. 2018 Berlin) - world premiere)              

           Jean Beers, live electronics - Lichtblick Kino

Une Barque Psychosis, 2018, for live electronics and tape: sound collage with piano (21st Sept. Berlin) - world premiere

           Jean Beers, live electronics - Klangkeller

Schmetterlinghaus (Wien), 2017, for violin and piano (23rd March 2018 London) - UK premiere

           Litsa Tunnah, violin; Jean Beers, piano) - duo recital Hampstead Gardens

Schmetterlinghaus (Wien), 2017, for violin and piano (14th March 2018 Bonn) - world premiere

           Duo Liepe (Niklas Liepe, violin; Nils Liepe, piano) - Final of DMW competition

Lucid Nightmare, 2016, for solo piano (7th March 2018 London)

           Jorgen Dyrstad (soloist)

Sonata, 2016, for solo violin  (Aug. 2017, Brussels)

            Jane Cho (soloist) - workshop 

                                      I. Spaziergang mit Zwiegespräch 

                                      III. Etüde

Sonata for solo violin  (11th Dec. 2016, London)

            Litsa Tunnah (soloist)

                                      I. Spaziergang mit Zwiegespräch 

                                      II. Fantasie

Lucid Nightmare for solo piano (11th Dec. 2016 London) - UK premiere

           Jean Beers (soloist)

Fantasie for solo violin (7th Dec. 2016, London)

                                    II. Fantasie

            Litsa Tunnah (soloist)

Fantasie for solo violin (21st Oct. 2016, London) - world premiere

                                    II. Fantasie

            Litsa Tunnah (soloist)

Slow1_testzone, 2016 for tape: piano and electronic techno (21st Oct. 2016, London)

           Jean Beers (piano), DJ-SLF (electronics)

Song for Double Bass , 2016, for solo bass (4th Aug. 2016, Sweden) - world premiere

            Kristina Edin (soloist)

Piano Concerto no. 2, 2015-16 for piano and strings (21st May 2016, Eton College) - world premiere

                                   I. Nachklang

                                  II. Scherzo

          Jean Beers (piano), Jack Rozman (conductor)

Sonata for solo violin (8th June 2016, Berlin) - world premiere

                                 I. Spaziergang mit Zwiegespräch 

          Hitoe Shimbo (violin)

Deconstructive Songs about Female Struggle and Empowerment for soprano, baritone, piano (27th May 2016, Berlin)  

                                  I. Machiavellian Kindness

                                 II. Chopin

          Eleanor Strutt (soprano), Thomas Wood (baritone), Jean beers (piano)

1. Opaque Transparencies (symphony orchestra)

2. Song for Double Bass (solo db) Kristina Edin

3. Three Trio Nanos (clarinet, violin, piano)

© 2019 Jean Beers London / Berlin © ICEFOREST  Photo credit: Annette Riedl, Berlin