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Jean Beers lecture begins at 1:13:02

Published 2018, wissenschaftlicher Verlang Berlin

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Gendered Opera (Leipzig Fachtagung 2019)

Songs About Female Struggle and Empowerment 

(listen here)

(opera project, presentation at Fachtagung, Leipzig, 2019)

Fluffy Clouds

Sound Clouds

(Text from Artistic Research made into art)

Texts and Thoughts on Artistic Research (international):

Coddling the Minotaur: Year One of the Tel Aviv Salon for Artistic Research By Gabriel S Moses and Nitzan Chelouche: https://jar-online.net/coddling-minotaur-year-one-tel-aviv-salon-artistic-research

Artistic Research: Eine epistemologische Ästhetik by Anke Haarmann, 2019:


Review: https://jar-online.net/review-anke-haarmann-artistic-research-eine-epistemologische-asthetik

The Pleasure of Research by Henk Slager, 2015: https://www.hatjecantz.de/the-pleasure-of-research-6412-1.html

Review: https://www.jar-online.net/sites/default/files/2019-12/Quaresma%20jarnet-0026%20English_1.pdf

Journal of Artistic Research: http://www.artistic-research.de/archives/3817?lang=en

Institut für künstlerische Forschung: http://www.artistic-research.de/